Why A GED Is Not Such A Great Option

Why A GED Is Not Such A Great Option

Many individuals may feel that high school is not for them and they would prefer to get a GED and enter the workforce early. After all, a GED stands for General Equivalency Diploma, meaning it is equal to the high school diploma and it takes less work. The GED may seem like the easy way out for many, but the fact is a GED is not such a great option.

The unfortunate thing about the GED is that it does not allow you to get a full education. Yes, you have to pass a test to get it, but the individual misses out on too much information that would be taught in a high school class that is not on the test. Of course, the student may think that most of it is useless information, but the fact is it makes you a person with a more rounded education.

The GED also does not teach you self-discipline. It is, as stated, the easy way out, but in the end will make things much more difficult. When you have to attend classes on a daily basis and pass in homework on time, it teaches you self-discipline. Not passing in homework and being late or absent to classes does not hurt anyone but the student and their grade. A person that is getting their GED misses out in this important life lesson.

Another reason a GED is not such a great option is if the individual is going to apply for college, they may have a difficult time. Colleges will want to see the student’s high school transcripts and when they see they dropped out and received their GED, they may look a little harder at their potential student. Will the student be able to get through the classes without dropping out? Will the students fully apply themselves? The colleges will look at this GED student closer than others.

While the GED will allow you to get a job and even go to college, it does not provide you with the full education you deserve. A high school diploma requires you to complete a set of courses designed to give you an education in several subject areas, as well as allowing you to enhance them with enrichment classes and extra-curricula activities. By getting your GED, you’re missing out on a lot of great information and experiences.