Types of College Degrees

´╗┐Types of College Degrees

There are many options for students seeking an education today. There are many quality two-year, four-year and graduate programs available online to students seeking a college education or for those simply looking to further their careers. Employers look at the completion of college or university coursework as an indicator that you are motivated to better yourself and move ahead in your career. Many online schools offer programs ranging from certificate programs all the way to masters degrees and beyond. Earning your degree online gives you the opportunity to start small – and possibly move on to earn an advanced degree – all at your own pace. The following gives you detailed information on the basic degree types available to students.

Certificate Programs offer a useful, concentrated study of a particular professional area. These programs can help you start a new career or develop your skills and knowledge, giving you powerful qualifications to enhance your occupation. A Certificate of Participation is awarded upon completion of your course or program. You may take individual courses for professional development or work toward a certificate in your chosen area of interest.

Diploma programs are a sequence of classes focusing on both theory and practice in a particular field. They are not as broad as degree programs and they usually concentrate on a particular area. Some diploma programs also offer an overview of several different areas. The terms ‘certificate’ and ‘diploma’ are often the same. Some universities refer to their programs as certificate programs while others call them diploma programs. There is not a common criterion to differentiate them.

An associate degree is an undergraduate degree that can be earned in 2years. An associate degree program consists of three parts: general education requirements, major requirements, and electives. An associate degree is a 2-year degree given by either Community Colleges or Junior Colleges upon completion of an associate degree program.

A Bachelors degree by definition is an academic degree conferred by a college or university upon those who complete the undergraduate curriculum. A Bachelor’s Degree is the conventional degree given by undergraduate colleges and universities in the United States.