Retractable Child Safety Gates

Retractable Child Safety Gates

As you may know, children are born with the desire to discover and explore something new and old, but with lack of understanding of how everything in the planet works, these little explorers have their own creepy way of putting themselves in harm’s way without them realizing it. It is for this reason actually that retractable child safety gates are designed and distributed throughout the market nowadays.

The retractable child safety gates are in the first place designed to help parents and guardians prevent their child from falling off the stairs and get injuries or worse, die from such kind of accident. A number of small children have already died on such accident. This is the reason that many households consider the retractable child safety gates as one of the major necessities from the moment their child starts crawling.

The retractable child safety gates are known for its unique appearance and quality. It is often described in several reviews that the retractable child safety gates look like a roller
They are typically installed by screwing them to the wall. The price of this child safety gate type is around twice the price of the so-called “pressure fitting gate” type.

Just like the rest of the child safety gate types, the retractable ones come in all shapes and sizes. They differ according to how they are manufactured. With these differences, it’s hard to select the best or the right retractable gate.

That’s not a big problem though, since retractable child safety gates are designed and crafted differently, there are ways to identify the right products. One of those is to choose the gates that comply with the recognized standard, the EN 1930:2000, which says that child safety gates or barriers designed to fit across openings are good enough if the access to stairs is limited for children aged less than 24 months. Also, when installing the gate, read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions. Also make sure that the gate is properly and securely installed. Use the mounting kit and mount the gate to a flat wood surface preferably. For ultimate child safety, it is always important to make sure that the gate is properly closed or locked before leaving your child inside the room regardless of whether your baby is sleeping or awake.

After installing, check that the retractable child safety gate works properly and provides functional comfort and safety.