Diploma Program in Mercy School of Nursing

Diploma Program in Mercy School of Nursing

The Sisters of Mercy of North Carolina established Mercy School of Nursing together with Carolinas Medical Center-Mercy in 1906. The hospital-based school is presently located on Forest Point Circle in Charlotte, North Carolina. From its first graduating class of four students in 1908, the number of Mercy School of Nursing graduates has grown to over 2000. The school has a maximum enrollment of 140 students.

Mercy School of Nursing initially offered a three-year diploma program, which was changed to a two-year program in 1993. Graduates of Mercy School of Nursing are eligible to take the licensure exam to become registered nurses.

The current nursing program features a curriculum completed in five-semesters over a period of 19 months leading to a diploma in nursing. The school’s nursing program has two levels. The student is at Level 1 during the first two semesters and at Level 2 during the remaining three semesters of the program.

In Level 1 of the nursing program, the subjects are Fundamentals of Nursing and English Composition for the first semester and Adult Health I and Microbiology for the second semester. Level 1 students receive theoretical education and clinical experience on the basic process and roles of nursing in delivery of healthcare to adult patients. Students also develop their communication skills and acquire a holistic approach to healthcare.

When the student advances to Level 2 of the nursing program, the curriculum broadens to prepare the student in leadership roles in the nursing profession. The student learns to apply the nursing process to care for diverse patients such as families, patients who need critical care and other members of the community. The curriculum also aims to develop in the student an understanding of the relationship of man to society. Level 2 subjects include Maternal-Child Nursing, Adult Health II, Human Growth & Development, Introduction to Sociology and Advanced Nursing.

In addition to its nursing diploma program, Mercy School of Nursing offers its students a Nurse Aide Certification program to provide them an opportunity to become nursing assistants. Students of this program are eligible to pursue Nurse Aide I certification after the first semester and Nurse Aide II certification after the third semester.

Certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or CPR is a requirement for students enrolled in Mercy School of Nursing. The school’s faculty teaches the course thrice a year. Students who have already received certification in CPR from a different organization should present the proper documents.
Mercy School of Nursing has received approval from both the North Carolina Board of Nursing and North Carolina State Approving Agency as well as accreditation from the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.