Child Safety LATCH System

Child Safety LATCH System

Car rides need not be a frightening experience for children. The child safety LATCH system reduces the risks of injury caused by car accidents. This system has been found out to eradicate about 50% of the improper installation associated with child safety car seats.

It is ironic to know that while child safety car seats are aimed at keeping the child safe while riding in a vehicle, a good 80% of them are installed incorrectly. This totally defeats the purpose of this safety equipment. One of the main reasons for this is the incompatibility of some vehicles to the child safety seats. This difficulty of setting up the child safety car seat has paved the way for the more effective child safety LATCH system. The Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) system is a much easier way of installing the child safety seats in the vehicle because it eliminates the use of the vehicle’s seat belt system. The rise in the properly installed child safety car seats will lessen the number of car accident related injuries and deaths.

The child safety LATCH system does not require parents to buy another child safety car seat. The system also does not claim to work better than the one that attaches the child safety seat to the vehicle’s seat belt. However, the child safety LATCH system is undoubtedly an easier and a more secure way of setting up a child car seat.

Some parents wonder if they can use both methods in installing their child safety seat. Well-intentioned parents may only be after their children’s protection, but using the seat belt and the child safety LATCH system at the same time is not possible. If parents want to make sure their child is secure once inside the car, they have to choose which method provides the best fit. If they are having a hard time installing the car seat with the car’s seat belt, chances are, it doesn’t give them the best assurance that their children is safe.

Child safety seats that are not manufactured according to the child safety LATCH system may still be used in LATCH-equipped vehicles by attaching it to the vehicle’s seat belts. But if you insist on getting those LATCH-equipped car safety seats, make sure that you try installing it in your vehicle to see if your find it easier to set up than your old one.

The child safety LATCH system does not recommend any specific brand of child safety car seat, nor does it demand you to get a LATCH-equipped seat in place of your old one. The system is merely designed as an alternative for those parents who are thinking of their children’s welfare but are having problems with the old seat belt method.